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Ready To Flip a House ?

EVALUATE THE PRICE & DON’T FALL IN LOVE TOO QUICKLY! Do your homework first, and if the price is right, then fall in love. Find out what similar homes in the neighborhood sell for and how tricked out they are. this will tell you how much money you can invest in the home before you […]


Earnest money: What is it and how does it affect your home purchase?

After looking for the perfect home, you’re ready to make an offer and show the seller you’re a serious candidate. When doing so, be sure to include an earnest money deposit. What is earnest money? It’s a deposit you pay to show the seller you are serious about the purchase of the home. “Earnest money is […]


How Does Rent-to-Own Work

Two Types of Rent-to-Own Agreements The two main types of rent-to-own agreements are mainly distinguished by their flexibility. Lease Agreement with Option to Purchase Ready for some legal stuff? This type of lease requires the tenant to pay an “option fee” for the right to purchase a property at a later date. If they exercise […]


Is Buying A Home Still Affordable ?

IS BUYING A HOME IS STILL AFFORDABLE? The answer is yes! If you are thinking about buying a home, here are three reasons to do it today: Mortgage rates are low. With the average 30–year fixed mortgage rate hovering around 4%, monthly mortgage payments are affordable for the average household despite currently – high house prices in […]


Loan Offer for Veterans Program




Mia is awesome she helped us look at a few houses until we found the perfect house, gave us great recommendations for lenders and inspectors, and everything went smooth.

5Rolly Uclaray

I was very fortunate, blessed and thankful to have found Benjamina (Mia) Casino.

As my Realtor, she helped me find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Mia.
I was a first-time... (more)

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